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Rehabilitation of neurological conditions

What is Neuro Rehabilitation?

Neuro rehabilitation is working with people that have neurological conditions to assist them to improve areas of dysfunction. The aim of neuro rehab in physiotherapy is to help a person achieve their maximum level of function. Neurological conditions can cause weakness, pain, paralysis, poor balance, reduced mobility, decreased physical function, etc.

Some examples of neurological conditions are:

  • Hemiplegia

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Spina cord injuries

  • Gullian Barre Syndrome

  • Parkinsons Disease

  • Cerebral palsy

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy aims to restore a person to their optimal functional potential within the limits of the persons abilities and needs. Physiotherapy approaches include treatment techniques which relax muscles when tight and stimulate muscles when weak. Special handling assists in guiding the person to perform specific movements, which allows the person to learn how to execute movements with better control and less assistance.

Some treatment components of Neuro Rehabilitation are:

  • Decrease spasticity

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Balance retraining

  • Improve functional movements

  • Pain management

  • Gait retraining (retraining walking)

  • Wheelchair transfers

The aim of neuro rehabilitation is to enable a person to reach their highest level of function.

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